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The National Executive of Communist Party of India has met on December 3 and 4, 2022 at party headquarters, Ajoy Bhavan, New Delhi.

Party General Secretary D Raja presented the reports. Binoy Viswam MP presided over the meeting.

The NEC reviewed the 24th Party Congress which was successfully held in Vijayawada in October 2022 and assigned responsibilities to the members of the newly elected NEC.

Campaign in Defence of Federalism and for Abolition of Governor’s Post

The National executive committee of the CPI has called on the democratic forces to rally together to defend the federal structure of the country. The party alerted the nation about the move of the RSS controlled government to undermine the constitutional foundations. The office of the Governor is being misused for this purpose, guided by the RSS ideology of centralisation. In states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, etc. the Raj bhavans are made to act as camp office of the BJP. In this background the CPI believes that the time has come to demand the abolition of the office of the Governor. On this issue the NEC of the CPI calls up on the Party units all over the country to observe December 29th as ‘Defend Federalism Day’, the state councils would plan various campaigns on that day.