The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India deplores the case filed
against CPI National Executive member and NFIW general secretary Annie Raja
and demands its withdrawal.
The case filed against her is regarding a public meeting held at Jantar Mantar in
December 2021 to mark two years’ of protests for equal citizenship. She is accused
of violating Section 144 of IPC, sections of Epidemic Disease Act and Disaster
Management Act. The Party feels that the case is totally baseless and is aimed at
stifling voices of dissent and protest against the anti-people policies of the BJP
The CPI appeals to all secular democratic parties and movements to raise their
voice in defence of expression of dissent to the anti-people policies of the
government of the day and in defence of constitutional and democratic rights of the
Annie Raja attended the hearing at the Patiala House court today – November 2,
2022 and was given bail. The court postponed the case for hearing to January 7,