Respected Shri N. Biren Singh ji,
I write this letter to express my serious concern over the suppression of democratic
rights and practices in the state of Manipur under your government. Manipur is grappling
with violence for over two months now and the state-machinery is failing in upholding
law-and-order in the state. Disturbing developments from Manipur have perturbed people
all over the country and many sections have voiced their concerns while aspiring for peace
and normalcy to prevail in the state. It extremely unfortunate that such democratic voices

are being suppressed by the government and even those offering assistance in peace-
building are being targeted.

People of the country naturally feel disturbed looking at the loss of lives, property
and the fractures in society that have surfaced violently over the past few months.
Democratically minded people also wish to share the sufferings of the people of Manipur
and contribute to restoration of normalcy in Manipur. Internet is unavailable for months
and I have seen the pain of Manipuri people, as member of a joint CPI & CPI(M) delegation
comprising of five Members of Parliament. Similarly, a fact-finding committee of the
National Federation of Indian Women visited Manipur and interacted with victims of
violence, displacement and arson. The delegation comprising of NFIW General Secretary
Annie Raja, Nisha Sidhu and Adv. Deeksha Dwivedi also visited relief camps and made
suggestions about improving the conditions of people who are staying there, especially
women, children and the elderly.
Through a grossly undemocratic act, members of the delegation were charged with

sedition, provocation with intent to cause riot, assertions prejudicial to national-
integration and promoting enmity between different groups at Imphal police station. This

FIR is nothing but an attempt at suppressing democratic voices and curtailing criticism.
Continuation of violence in the state is an indictment of the failure of state-government in
maintaining harmony, and the FIR registered against NFIW activists is an undemocratic
attempt to intimidate voices critical of the government over its handling of the crisis. Peace
will be restored by taking all stakeholders in confidence, not through a crackdown on
democratic voices. Therefore, I urge you to immediately rescind the fabricated charges
against NFIW activists and stop suppression of democratic norms in Manipur.