Shri Narendra Modi,
Prime Minister,
Government of India
Respected Shri Narendra Modi ji,
A shameful blot for the entire country has surfaced in the form of a video from
Manipur. Naked women are being paraded by armed assailants completely exposing
the absence of any semblance of law-and-order, respect for women or presence of
government authority. The video is months old but people who committed this heinous
crime are roaming freely exposing the failure of the government. Your deafening silence
on the Manipur issue has emboldened such unlawful elements who are ruling the roosts in Manipur under the so-called double-engine government of the BJP. First the opposition and today the Supreme Court was compelled to respond to the Manipur crisis due to the painful inaction by your government. The handling of the Manipur crisis is subject to utter disgust, disappointment and resentment. Even after more than 75 days; violence, arson, rioting and killings seem unending. Governments, both at the Union and in the State level, have failed in restoring normalcy in the strategically located state. When discord and strife appear
between people at this level, it is a must for the Head of the Government to give a healing touch. Unfortunately, your government has not shown any empathy towards the tears and sorrows of the people of Manipur. They are left at the mercy of communally charged mobs with no protection or help in sight. Yatra Naryastu Pujyante, Ramante Tatra Devta is an oft repeated slogan by you. You trumpeted ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ and recently exalted Nari Shakti in your speech. Respected Prime Minister, the insult, humiliation and agony the visuals from Manipur have caused to the women of country will not heal from mere slogans. The disgrace caused by the video for the entire country globally will not simply wash away. It will only bring disgrace to our country when you are eagerly waiting to preside over the G-20 Summit. It’s impossible to absolve the government of the responsibility of this barbaric crime. I urge you to come out of your hibernation on the Manipur issue and take appropriate to instill trust and confidence in the people of the border state.