The National Council of the Communist Party of India strongly condemns the attacks and capturing of the headquarters of the Communist Party of Sudan by fully armed military groups belonging to the Rapid Support Forces on May 25, 2023. Now the headquarters of the Sudanese Communist Party is being used as the headquarters of the Rapid Support Forces.

After the war broke out between the Sudanese Army and Rapid Support forces, Sudanese people are passing through a very difficult period where killing, vandalism and capturing of different institutions as the armed posts of Rapid Support Forces became the order of the day, violating all individual and human rights.

Knowing fully the revolutionary history and their present role in the mass upsurge of Sudanese people against dictatorship and for establishing of a democratic Sudan, such attacks cannot deter the resolve of the Sudanese Communist Party to continue its struggle for an end to the war and establish peace and democratic rights of the people.

Communist Party of India while condemning the acts of Rapid Support Forces, demand immediate handover of the headquarters to the Sudanese Communist Party and reiterates its solidarity with the people of Sudan and Sudanese Communist Party.