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Kalvakuntla Kavitha, BRS leader and Former TRS M.P. sat on one day Hunger Strike at JANTAR MANTAR DELHI to demand an immediate passing of women reservation bill in parliament. Com. K. Narayana, CPI National Secretary, and Prof. Dinesh Varshney Secretary CPI Delhi State Council along with others joined this. Com. Narayana congratulated Kalvakuntla Kavitha for taking up the cause of the Indian women for 33 per cent reservation bill. Com. Narayana presented Kalvakuntla Kavitha Com. Geeta Mukherjee photo who not only led women reservation bill but was also the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on the issue that report implementation is still pending. K. Narayana while addressing the massive Hunger Strike said that it was Com. Geeta Mukherjee who chaired that Parliamentary Committee whose report was tabled in parliament by Shri. H. D. Devegowda ji the than Prime minister of India. But 33% women reservation has yet not become the reality. Now India is the Chairman of G 20. It will be presided by Shri. Narendra Modi ji, the Prime Minister of India. In the Agenda of G 20 WOMEN EMPOWERMENT is the one of the main agenda, hence it should immediately pass this 33% women reservation bill. The CPI has always supported and fought for it and it will continue to do so. He further said that as per the promise by BJP before elections that if they come to power, they will pass this bill immediately.  So Modi ji this is the best occasion to pass this bill. If you pass women reservation bill implementation than CPI, left Parties, BRS and others opposition parties will support it.

Kalvakuntla Kavitha while addressing also thanked CPI, K. Narayana and Prof. Varshney for supporting the 33% Women Reservation and joining the massive Hunger Strike.

At the end Com. K. Narayana offered her lemon water to Kalvakuntla Kavitha BRS leader to break the one day Hunger Strike.


(K. Narayana)

Secretary, National Council