The Election Commission of India should have given due consideration to the rich history of Communist Party of India and its preeminent role in the fight against the British raj and its role in shaping the national agenda in post-independent India. CPI has remained at the forefront in strengthening the democratic polity of the country.

CPI is one of the oldest political parties in the country and continues to have pan-India presence and mass following. CPI is second to none in making supreme sacrifices for taking the country forward and defending the ideals of the Constitution, towards social justice, secularism and socialism. CPI will continue its dedicated service for the country and struggle for the rights of the people.

Despite the Election Commission withdrawing the national party recognition, the CPI will continue to work among the people with increased vigour and dedication across the country. At the same time, the CPI will intensify its campaign for comprehensive electoral reforms including the system of proportional representation, abolition of electoral bonds and for state funding of elections as recommended by the Indrajit Gupta Committee to ensure level playing field to all participants.

The CPI has the capacity and commitment to take up the challenges of time and overcome.